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warm sun in winter, unite you and me - shenzhen granda team building activity at jiaochangwei beach

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life is not just about the present, but also about the poetry and distance. work is not only about the two-points line between home and company every day, but also need a team building activity that can be organized as you please.

  on the first weekend of november, members of shenzhen granda technology family drove to jiaochangwei beach and started a two-days team building activity. before noon on saturday, everyone arrived at the jiaochangwei sicily inn to put their clothes on, and walked together to have a delicious lunch at the sea-view restaurant. there is sunshine and sand next to the restaurant. in this beautiful scenery where the water and the sky met, we temporarily forgot our work, adjusted our physical and mental state, and at the same time the new members of granda technology family integrated better into the team.

lunch together at sea view restaurant

blue sea    blue sky    white cloud    red wine

in the afternoon, after a rest and relex, the members prepared dinner together. everyone worked together to clean the tableware, wash and cut vegetables, and organize the ingredients. company leaders mr. wei and mr. qin personally cooked for everyone, and colleagues from different departments also showed their unique cooking skills and presented a table of sumptuous delicacies to everyone. we also brought paraninfo dry red wine imported from spain with the original bottle, at the same time, a fire was set on the grill. the handsome guys of the sales department cooked various barbecues, giving everyone a full visual and taste feast. it's beautiful and great!

mr. wei is cooking for alls

two handsome boys are preparing barbecue

paraninfo dry red wine imported from spain

members of different departments have dinner together

 when everyone was a little drunk, as the happy birthday song sounded, birthday colleagues gathered around the birthday cake, lit birthday candles, closed their eyes slightly and made their own good wishes together. with the happy birthday song alls blow out the candles and shared the delicious cake. the company sent a small gift prepared in advance for the birthday colleagues - a customized business notepad and a signature pen, which are used by them to record every step of granda's glory and a better future. in this lively and fun night, the little friends truly experienced the care and warmth of granda family.

group photo of birthday colleagues

cheers for friendship

  on the beginning of winter on sunday, everyone woke up in the warm winter sun. after eating the warm breakfast carefully prepared by the girls of logistics department, alls were divided into two teams and began to play team building games. everyone worked together in the concentric drum project, cooperated closely in the magic circle  and reminded and supervised each other in dancing project. laughter and laughter ran through the whole process of the games. at the same time, new and old colleagues became more familiar and harmonious through cooperation.

work together and more unity with the concentric drum

lovely in magic circles

alls concentrate (busy but not chaotic)

group photo of members of granda family

 happy times always go by very fast. the two-day team building activity ends here. this team building activity not only deepended the feelings and understanding between colleagues, but also enhanced team cohesion. i believe that everyone will be more full of enthusiasm into the next stage of work. warm sun in winter, unite you and me, the world is beautiful and the future can be expected!