granda’s concept

talent is the blood of an enterprise, the cornerstone of the company's future development, and the energy for the company's development. we welcome capable and talented you to join us. this will become a big platform for you to show your talents in the future!

recruitment position

  • imported forage sales manager

    work location:

    job responsibilities:
    1、responsible for the sales of alfalfa and alfalfa pellets in spain and italy, alfalfa in the united states and argentina, australian oat grass, rumen-bypassing fat powder and other feed products used in ruminants
    2、explore new customers and maintain old customers, and ensure to maintain a good long-term cooperative relationship with customers
    3、develop new sales channels and establish new customer relationships
    4、scientifically formulate work plans and implement them effectively, follow up customer needs in a timely manner, and promote business completion
    5、 much attention to the operating conditions of cooperative customers in time and follow up the collection of payments

    job requirements:
    1、1.age from 23 to 32 years old, bachelor degree or above, major in animal nutrition, animal science, animal medicine, animal husbandry and veterinary or other relative majors
    2、technical work experience in dairy farm or sale experience in imported pasture is preferred
    3、be proactive and resistant to stress, able to adapt to short-term business trips

  • e-commerce operation

    work location:

    job responsibilities:
    1、complete the operation of the company’s imported juice product in tmall and taobao store, which mainly includes store marketing and promotion, effectively taking activity declaration and store promotion, increasing store views and conversion rate, and regularly tracking, evaluating and statistically analyzing the promotion effects and proposing marketing improvement plans in time
    2、responsible for writing the copywriting of detailed pages of store products, able to capture and highlight the core selling points of products, and cooperate to produce high-quality detailed pages
    3、responsible for investigating similar market operation data and count store flow, and sorting out effective operation information
    4、maintain the daily safe operation of the store, data monitoring, and problem checking to ensure the normal operation of the online store

    job requirements: degree or above, 1-2 years experience in e-commerce platform operation or new media operation is preferred
    2.2.familiar with the background operation, operating environment and transaction rules of e-commerce platforms such as tmall and taobao
    3.proficiency in using various office software, and can simply use ps
    4.strong planning and communication skills, high enthusiasm for work