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committed to providing our customers with "speed, temperature, and traceability" logistics services, the warehousing and logistics department of shenzhen granda technology development co., ltd is gradually improving to meet the company's business needs, to make the delivery of goods more convenient, fast and safe.

storage advantages: set up warehouses in major ports to shorten transportation distances. at the same time, it unites the production warehouses and regional warehouses of various regional suppliers, and shares the warehouses, and uses the logistics point-to-point transportation mode to quickly complete order delivery.  

regional distribution of storage: southern china has established chemical warehouses and comprehensive warehouses for imported raw materials in guangzhou baiyun district, huangpu and dongguan to cover the pearl river delta customers and customer groups from other provinces. the time limit of delivering of the pearl river delta will be reached on the same day, within the province the next day, and the provinces will be accessible within 36-48 hours; comprehensive warehouses for imported raw materials are set up in haicang district of xiamen, fujian and mawei port district of fuzhou to cover fujian customers; and comprehensive warehouses for imported raw materials are set up in beilun district, ningbo, to cover customers in east china, the yangtze river delta, and northern fujian.

logistics & transportation:

at present, a multi-modal transportation method of road and automobile transportation is mainly used, railway container transportation is supplemented, and water-rail transportation is used to complete the delivery of all orders. focusing on the timeliness and safety of transportation and the reasonable choice of transportation methods, it can avoid the increase in logistics costs caused by the mismatch of goods and vehicles.

gain insight into customers' transportation advantages and selectively match transportation vehicles. for example, areas with a well-developed road network,we choose the automobile transportation; areas with a well-developed railway network,we choose the container door-to-door methods; areas with a well-developed waterway network, we choose sea, land and rail combined transportation.

in addition to using traditional offline transportation resources, the logistics department also actively uses the innovation of internet platform logistics to diversify logistics resources.

logistics resource sharing:

after years of operation and accumulation of logistics resources, the logistics department has reserved a batch of vehicle resources and outsourced logistics resources that are in line with the company's business, and united with the logistics information departments of all territories across the country to share resources and grasp the realest logistics prices and logistics trends.

from whole-vehicle transportation in guangdong province to long-distance whole-vehicle transportation, ltl, carpooling, container door-to-door, etc.; the length of the vehicle ranges from 3 meters, 4.2 meters, 6.8 meters, 9.6 meters, 13 meters to 17 meters, etc.; models include vans, high hurdles, flatbeds, flying wing vehicles, etc., which can meet all customer requirements.

in addition to meeting the company's business needs, the logistics department is also expanding and opening up for external use. we welcomes other companies, individuals or trade entities with logistics needs to communicate logistics cooperation matters.