russian beet pulp/egyptian beet pulp

beet pulp is a by-product of sugar beet production. it contains plenty of sugar and neutral detergent soluble fiber. it has good palatability and rich nutrients and it can increase the concentration of short-chain fatty acids in the sow’s plasma and reduce the concentration of free fatty acids and improve insulin sensitivity and increased feed intake of sows during lactation; beet pulp is rich in fiber, which can solve sow constipation, effectively improve intestinal health, significantly increase the number of litters and the number of healthy litters, the number of live litters, weaning weight, and the production performance.

it can also regulate the rumen ph value on ruminants, reduce the occurrence of rumen acidosis, improve the digestibility of crude protein, increase the disease resistance rate of dairy cows, and increase the feed conversion rate and milk index. granda currently mainly imports beet pulp from egypt, russia and the united states, with an annual import volume of more than 10,000 tons, mainly for large domestic feed groups and breeding groups.

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乌克兰甜菜粕  成份(大约)

水分               14.00%

蔗糖               10.00%

灰分               10%

黄曲霉毒素     <10 ppm