feed grade calcium hydrogen phosphate

granda mainly deals in mdcp, calcium dihydrogen phosphate and calcium hydrogen phosphate. our upstream firm, several leading enterprises like guizhou chanhen chemical corporation and sinochem yunlong co., ild, have collaborated with granda for over 20 years. our main customers include: chia tai conti group, haid group , wens group, tongwei group, da bei nong group, new hope group, as well as other large, medium-sized feed enterprises and large-scale breeding enterprises.

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introduction and application of feed grade calcium hydrogen phosphate:

1: calcium hydrogen phosphate can be used as a supplement of phosphorus and calcium in feed processing.

2: since the ratio of phosphorus to calcium is the closest to the ratio of phosphorus to calcium in animal bones, and can be completely dissolved in animal gastric acid, feed-grade calcium hydrogen phosphate is currently recognized as one of the best feed mineral additives at home and abroad.

3: it can accelerate the growth of livestock and poultry, shorten the fattening period, and quickly gain weight; it can improve the breeding rate and survival rate of livestock and poultry, and at the same time, it can enhance the disease and cold tolerance of livestock and poultry. and it has preventive and therapeutic effects on cartilage, pullorum and paralysis of livestock and poultry.

product index content:




feed grade calcium hydrogen phosphate


16.5% or more


21% or more


0.18% or less

heavy metal(lead)

30ppm or less