feed grade calcium hydrogen phosphate type ⅲ

granda mainly deals in mdcp, calcium dihydrogen phosphate and calcium hydrogen phosphate. our upstream firm, several leading enterprises like guizhou chanhen chemical corporation and sinochem yunlong co., ild, have collaborated with granda for over 20 years. our main customers include: chia tai conti group, haid group , wens group, tongwei group, da bei nong group, new hope group, as well as other large, medium-sized feed enterprises and large-scale breeding enterprises.

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introduction and application of feed grade calcium hydrogen phosphate type ⅲ:

1: the product is granular, with good fluidity, and is easy to mix with other feed ingredients.

2: the granular product stays longer in the intestines and stomach of animals, which is beneficial to the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

3: the product is slightly acidic, which changes the taste of animals and increases the feed intake of animals.

4: the product has high purity and proper calcium and phosphorus ratio, which can adapt to the absorption needs of animals at different ages and further increase their biological potency. 

product index content:



feed grade calcium hydrogen phosphate type ⅲ


21% or more


14% or more


0.18% or less

heavy metal(lead)

30ppm or less